Monthly Archives: April 2013

Welcome to STEMDigital!

Welcome to STEMDigital, a programme for early career researchers in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Maths at the University of Cambridge, to introduce them to social media. In a series of interlinked workshops and online activities run in association with the Researcher Development Programme, we’ll be exploring the impact of social media on academia – the potential and the pitfalls. This programme is an opportunity for you to experiment for yourself to see how you might use social media effectively to enhance your work, understand developments in academia such as Impact and Open Access, and also explore issues such as copyright, privacy and security.

Social media is an area which is really best learned by doing it. It involves not just understanding the functionality, but also the new behaviours and values which the digital technology entails, which might be quite different to traditional academic ones. Each week, we’ll explore a social media tool and think about how it might be useful in the context of your work as a STEM early career researcher, but also the wider issues it raises. The aim of the programme is not necessarily to ‘train’ you how to use social media tools (although we’ll do that too!), or to encourage them to use all of them if you don’t wish to, but to come to an informed understanding of their impact, potential and risks though real experience of them. By the end of the programme, you’ll have tried them out and can decide what works best for you and what you’re comfortable with.

As social media involves networking, sharing and collaboration, we’ll be learning together using the very social media tools we’re exploring! You’ll be making useful new connections with other STEM researchers at Cambridge, sharing experiences and building a community as we go.