Checking In

Hello again! I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend, and hopefully a chance to reflect on the workshops and begin putting it into practice with the first task which I posted on Friday after the workshops: setting up a WordPress account.

As I mentioned in the workshop, your WordPress account is the main way we’ll be interacting from now on, as we explore some of the tools we touched on in the workshop. You’ll be using it to interact with the other participants and with me by commenting on the posts here, with your questions, reflections, experiences and advice. So this week’s task is pretty important!

I’ve found that the hardest thing about learning to use social media effectively in a professional academic context is not using the technology itself, but the changes in behaviour and values that are needed. In some ways, the ethos and behaviours which make for good social media practice are the opposite of academic ones: in this case, not waiting months to create a perfect, polished and lengthy response, but pushing myself to make a quick, short and memorable contribution to a discussion. Hopefully you’ll find this a safe space to explore and push yourself outside your comfort zone! The other reason it’s important is that this programme is as much about your contributions as mine, so do contribute – the other participants will find your comments extremely helpful, as will I!

One more thing – I’ll be moderating the comments so we’re not inundated with spam or people who aren’t researchers at Cambridge. You’re welcome to use a pseudonym for the programme, if you’re not comfortable with exploring social media under your own ‘real life’ professional identity yet, but I’ll need to know who you are so I don’t block or delete your comments! Once you’ve set up your WordPress account with your username, do remember to register it with me on the ‘How to Join‘ page. And leave a comment below! Comments may not appear immediately – I’ll need to approve them, which I’ll do as soon as I can.


24 responses to “Checking In

  1. Well, I guess you know who I am, but as moderator, I thought I’d kick things off! As I mentioned in the workshop, my wordpress ‘handle’ is Rattus Scholasticus, but I’m using my real life picture as an avatar. Not very consistent of me!

  2. hi, so for some reason, I can’t actually see a form on the Registration page. At first I thought this may be a Google Chrome thing but I can’t see it on Safari either, unless there isn’t meant to be one.. in any case, here I am with an id which is probably quite identifiable..

  3. Hello! *pokes registration form* It does seem to have vanished, tho it was there – several people have managed to submit responses. I will have a play with it and see if I can figure out what the problem is, but you’re right, it seems to be invisible!

    Edited to add – it’s now fixed, sorry!

  4. Hi, are we supposed to be able to watch the video? if I press play, it just shows me that I am not allowed to watch it… Thanks for your help!

  5. 2 things. Firstly, is it just me or is it really hard to come up with a good name!? secondly, do we really have 333 people on this course!

    • It is REALLY hard to come up with a good name, and one that’s available – it took me ages! I love Kermit tho! Most of those followers are in fact my Twitter followers, as I’ve set the blog up to post an update on my Twitter feed whenever I publish a post.

  6. Er, hello. I think I’ve registered!

  7. Hello. Just spent 10 minutes thinking of what to say, and then this was all I said. Next time this will only take 9 minutes.

  8. Hello. I’ve arrived!

  9. Hi Everyone,
    So I think I have joined correctly. I don’t know how to upload a profile pic though as from the way it was phrased in the setting it sounded like I was adding a photo to my blog and not to my profile. Can anyone give me any hints? Thanks 🙂

  10. Hello,
    I finally came around to creating my wordpress profile and gravatar.


  11. Can anyone help out astrogirlie with uploading a profile picture? Any tips?

  12. Hi all, sorry it took me so long to get this far! I agree though, the hardest step is thinking of a good username.

    • hello and welcome! It’s strange how attached we can get to our online persona – it really does seem to reflect so much about us. I get just as stupidly hung up on passwords, and no one is ever going to see those!

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