Extra Workshops!

There was some interest during the STEMDigital launch workshop for some more sessions on the specific topics we’ll be covering online, so to complement these posts, I’ve arranged for the following workshops. Participants of STEMDigital have priority booking!

Making the Most of LinkedIn

We’ll shortly be covering how to use profiles on networking platforms such as LinkedIn, and Meg Westbury, a librarian at the Judge Business School, has very kindly agreed to lead a session for you, focussing on how to get the most out of LinkedIn. The session is timed to coincide with the STEMDigital post on LinkedIn so you can think about your use in the session and then explore it with us here on the blog. The session is at 10.30 – 12 on Friday 14th of June, and you can book your place here. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging

The last week of this module will cover setting up a blog (to use either as a blog or as a personal website). To complement this, I’ll be leading a workshop on Blogging for Beginners, to cover technical aspects of setting up a blog choosing one of the popular blogging platforms, the practical considerations around managing an individual or group blog, and look at features which make an effective academic blog, from writing style and choice of topic to publicising your posts. The workshop will be 13.30-16.00 on Wednesday 19th June and  you can book your place here.

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

We’re getting ahead of ourselves a little here but the second module of STEMDigital covers more interactive use of social media than module one. One of the tools we’ll be using is Twitter, and for such a simple tool, it has a lot to it! As well as the launch workshop for Module Two (details to be advertised) I’ll be running a session focussing specifically on Twitter, and we’ll be following up here online as usual with some activities and tools to explore. The workshop will be on Monday 17th June, 13.30-16.30 and you can book your place here. This workshop is for those new to twitter, so if you’ve already experimented a bit, you might prefer to follow on with us online where we’ll be looking at some of the more advanced add-ons.

Don’t worry if you can’t make any of the sessions – I’ll post materials here afterwards as usual! Hope to see you there.

If you have any other requests for workshops on social media, do let me know in the comments below!


One response to “Extra Workshops!

  1. So, who’s up for the workshops?

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