Event and Blogging Opportunity

I mentioned an event at the blogging workshop that I thought might be of interest to you – CAMAWiSE is running an event on Wednesday (26th June) with Prof. Dame Athene Margaret Donald from the Department of Experimental Physics on social media, “Different ways to reach out”, looking at the use of social media in impact and public engagement activities. Athene Donald’s blog has been an extremely successful way for her to connect with a wider audience, and is full of really useful insights into the life of a science researcher, particularly addressing issues which relate to women’s careers. She blogs as part of the Occam’s Typewriter blog network, which you may also wish to explore, to find interesting blogs or even to think about writing with as a guest contributor or even regular blogger!

To attend this event on social media,you’ll need to register. 

Also, if you’d like to get some blogging experience yourself, they’d like someone to write a post about the event for their blog, so if setting up your own blog in the first instance is a bit daunting, this is a great opportunity to get some experience writing a guest post!


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