Ready for #STEM10DoT?

Hello to everyone who’s signed up to follow the STEMDigital blog, ready to participate in 10 Days of Twitter- you’ll be getting an email alert when a post is published here, so just testing!

Ten Days of Twitter starts on Monday, and I’m really looking forward to meeting you online,  exploring Twitter and joining in the conversations. I’ve found it an invaluable way to share information and resources with others, keep up to date with news and announcements, and even discuss matters at quite some length, given the 140 character limit! I hope you find it a positive experience too. We’ll be going at a manageable pace – one small aspect of Twitter each day, starting with setting up your account effectively on Day One  –  and I anticipate none of the Days will need any more than about quarter of an hour’s time from you. We’re all busy people, and Twitter should suit the fast pace of our work, not hinder it! If you get get a day or so behind, don’t worry though, it’s easy to catch up when you have time, the blog posts will all still be there, and there are always people on Twitter!

If you have any questions, do leave them in the comments.

See you online on Monday for the First Day of Twitter!


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