Part Three

The third part of the programme looks at the concept of ‘openness’ in scholarship, and the role that social media plays in open access and outreach to groups such as students, potential students, the general public and the wider community, as well as your peers. It looks at the changing practices surrounding intellectual property and copyright in academia and beyond.

Workshop Three: open scholarship and multimedia

This workshop will get you thinking about the kinds of content you might share, for whom, and the various digital ways you might do this, such as file sharing, audio and video. It will also explore the reasons why you might or might not want to share your work in the spirit of open access, and the changing practices around copyright and intellectual property in making academic work public.

Week One: Finding, using and sharing resources

  • Issues: Open Educational Resources, Creative Commons and Copyright
  • Tools: Flickr, Creative Commons
  • Task: search for an image you would find it useful to reuse in teaching or other activities

Week Two: Frictionless sharing

  • Issues: sharing ‘offcuts’ of your work and finding appropriate platforms, workflows and publicity strategies
  • Tools: Slideshare, Scribd, Issuu
  • Task: Share materials by uploading to a platform

Week Three: Opening up events

  • Issues: making conferences, teaching and other events more accessible
  • Tools: Audacity, Audioboo, soundcloud, Livestream, Ustream
  • Task: record something or livestream something

Week Four: Making for sharing

  • Issues: Video and its uses, becoming comfortable with multimedia presence
  • Tools: Video recording hardware and editing software (own computer – webcam/phonecam/DSLR camera and widows movie maker/mac iMovie), Youtube, Vimeo,
  • Task: make and upload a short video

Week Five: End of Programme, debrief and catch up

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