Part Two

Part Two:

The second part of the programme concentrates on establishing a more interactive, participatory network, the key to using social media successfully. This can be challenging for researchers, in particular having the confidence to interact online, and managing the time.

Workshop Two: Your Online Network

This workshop is a chance to catch up with the other participants and think about the role of networking in research, and the principles of effective online networking. We’ve already built a network among the participants in the programme, but the workshop will help you think about why you might wish to build a wider network online, and how to do that. In particular, we’ll discuss how you can offer genuinely useful interaction with your contacts which will in turn raise your profile among those who it would be useful to know.

Week One: Building an online network

This week, we will be joined online by other participants who want to get started with Twitter.

  • Issues: making contacts, building your network and what you might ‘say’ to them
  • Tools: Twitter (and add-ons such as Hootsuite,, Tweriod, etc)
  • Task: This week will be broken down into a number of small daily tasks to get you started with using Twitter effectively and efficiently.

Week Two: Building an online network (contd)

(more on twitter)

Week Three: Enhancing your use of Social Media platforms

  • Issues:  Combining the creation of a profile with interactive networking
  • Tools: LinkedIn, Researchgate (Methodspace)
  • Task: Either review and enhance your use of a social media platform you already use, and/or explore a new one.   

Week Four:  Dealing with mixed networks and identities

  • Issues: separating personal and professional
  • Tools: Facebook
  • Task: review your use of Facebook (or set an account up) or research it

Week Five: Mid-programme break, debrief and catch up


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